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Franking Mistakes to Avoid – Guide By Mailcoms

Franking Mistakes to Avoid!

There are many franking machine advantages that can be gained when a franking machine is used. As more and more bushiness are starting to realise this, franking machines are becoming more popular. However, some businesses may be unaware of some mistakes they are making when franking. View our help below about franking mistakes to avoid.

  • Do Not Frank In Drips & Drabs – Frank ALL your post in one go. This will help save your business money on your franking ink, as the printhead will not keep going into standby, protecting itself from dust.
  • Don’t frank the incorrect date – ALWAYS send post with the correct date. If your mail has the incorrect date on it, then you will waste franking ink. You will be required to put a line through the incorrect date using black ink. Then frank the item again with the correct date, using the set postage price of £0.00. Use a label and stick this on the reverse of the envelope.
  • Ensure Royal Mail & your franking machine supplier have the correct address – If you move address, then you will have to inform and update your franking machine supplier and the Royal Mail about this, 14 days before the move.
  • Dont’ frank VAT services unless you use a SMART or Mailmark franking machine – this is a common error, and if you do not have a Smart or Mailmark compliant machine, you will not receive your VAT back. Mailcoms have a range of Smart and Mailmark Franking Machines for your business.
  • Don’t process post as soon as it is received – Before franking, separate your mail into different classes, e.g. 1st class second class etc. This will speed up the franking process as you will not have to change the mail class on the franking machine as often.
  • Do not under frank for your mail – If you ever under pay for a franked item, add another impression, with the correct amount, to the bottom left hand corner. Or you can frank a label and apply the extra amount to the envelope, next to the original franking impression.
  • Do not over frank for your mail – If you ever over pay for a franked item, remove the content and start fresh with another envelope. Send any unused franks to Royal Mail, and providing the total claim is at least £10.00, and all impressions are clear within 6 months of the date, a full refund will be given. You will receive a cheque for the value of the unused impressions, minus a 15% admin fee charge.
  • Don’t send ALL mail items using a postbox – You can save money by not using a postbox. Instead use a meter posting envelope and send your franked items in a Business Posting Box. Call Royal Mail to find out more details about the nearest Business Posting Box or Mail Centre near you.
  • Don’t ignore postage expenditure – Ensure that your business monitor the franking postage costs that occur on your franking machine. Use the departmental feature on your franking machine for this. This will help budget future expenditure and ensure you are optimizing franking costs.
  • Don’t forget to read our blog – keep up to date with our daily blog so you can keep updated with the franking machine industry.

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