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Franking Machine Facts You Didn’t Know – By Mailcoms

3 Franking Machine Facts

If you own a franking machine, then you will be fully aware of all of the franking machine benefits that can be gained from owning one such as the money you can save. However, there are some franking machine facts that you may be unaware of that make a franking machine worth the investment. View 3 interesting franking machine facts below.

    • Simple Access to Postage Information

Every mail item that you frank on your franking machine is recorded by the machine. This allows your business to access and analyse how much your business spends. This can help you budget expenditure on the franking machine in the future. This data can be accessed online anytime of the day.

    • Great Security

With any franking machine you can download postage straight to your machine, as and when you require it. This removes the need to store piles of stamps in your office. As well as this, you will not need to worry about unauthorised users using the machine as you can activate and use PIN code security to ensure only a select few people can use the machine. Keep your machine safe and secure.

    • Incredible Database Accuracy

You can frank your businesses return address and logo onto every mail item that you frank. Then, if your mail is undelivered for any reason, for example incorrect data, then the mail item will be returned to you at no extra cost by Royal Mail. This will help improve the accuracy of your database and reduce costs for future mailings. Once you are aware that an address is no longer valid, you can stop sending mail to that address.

If you would like to buy or rent a new franking machine and receive all of the franking machine benefits and features, including the franking machine facts described above, then get a franking machine today.

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