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About Neopost – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost are one of the world’s leading franking machine suppliers and manufacturers. They currently rank as number two worldwide and number one in Europe. Neopost provide multichannel communications and various software & hardware solutions for mailing, shipping and digital document management.

There headquarters is located in Bagneux, France, and from here they design, manufacture and distribute their products worldwide. They have various subsidiaries around the world, including some in the following countries: the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland and Japan.

Neopost are constantly working to improve their products and they dedicate between 4 and 5% of its revenue to research and development every year. Their core businesses include: franking machines, folding inserting machines, printing solutions, software & online services and document management systems.


Neopost History

Neopost Ltd were founded in 1924 in the UK and have expanded worldwide since. The Neopost UK brand name was created in 1935 and this has not changed since. The Neopost Group was then founded in 1992 and this is what many people recognize them as.

In their 81 year history Neopost have taken over and acquired many businesses to help them expand into new markets. Some of their acquisitions include: Roneo and Hadewe in 1980, Stielow and Hasler in 2002, BTA Digital Works in 2005 and RENA and NBG-ID in 2008.

Neopost Franking Machines

Neopost can currently provide the world with a wide range of franking machines. These range from entry level machines to heavy duty models. Find out more about their most recent range of franking machines by using the links below.

View our range of franking machines here and receive a quick quote for a similar franking machine to any of the above.

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