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About Frama – Guide By Mailcoms

Frama are one of the largest franking machine manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Frama, also referred to as Frama AG, provide businesses in the UK with franking machines and other mail room solutions. There headquarters is located in Lauperswil, Switzerland, and from here they design, manufacture and distribute to over 50 countries worldwide.

They have various subsidiaries around the world, including some in the following countries: Belgium, the UK, India, Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa. In the other 50 countries Frama sell their products via exclusive distributors. Frama’s main market is Europe, and they are a highly export orientated business, with about 90% of their income coming from this service.


Frama History

Frama AG were founded in 1970 in Lauperswil but the first franking machine was manufactured in 1946 by Rudolf Jost. The first machine was a hand machine, and this was soon followed by the first electronic franking machine in 1957.

In 1969, Jost AG ran into financial trouble and when Rudolf Jost died, Wener Haug took over. Frama AG were then founded in 1970. Since then they have been providing mail room products including franking machines worldwide and they have expanded globally.

Frama Franking Machines

Frama can currently provide the world with many franking machines. To find out about their most recent range of franking machines, use the links below.

View our range of franking machines here and receive a quick franking machine quote for a similar machine to any of the above.

Frama Franking Machine Supplies

Here at Mailcoms we can provide you with a wide range of low cost franking machine supplies for many Frama franking machines. Use the various links below to view what we can offer you and save money today.

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