Mailbase Waste Tank Support

If you are seeing an error message of “Waste Tank Nearly Full” on your franking machine, please follow the steps below.

1. Select Clear & Continue.

2. When the message changes to “Waste Tank Full”, follow the steps below.

Watch this video to learn how to resolve the message waste tank full on the Mailbase Lite, Mailbase & Mailbase Pro franking machine.

Follow these steps to resolve the message waste tank full:

Firstly we need to pretend to change the ink cartridge. To do this:

1. Select Options

2. Press page down and select advanced features

3. Select Maintenance Mode

4. Select Printer Maintenance

5. Select Replacement

6. Select Replace Ink Tank

7. Remove the Scale

8. Open the top cover

9. At this point, the carriage will move forward. As soon as it does this, close the cover. The system automatically recognizes the new cartridge.

10. Replace the scale

11. Select the numbers 6946 using the keyboard

12. Select Add Postage

13. Select Diagnostics

14. Select PM Maintenance

15. Press the Page Down Button

16. Select Reset Waste Tank

17. Select Yes

18. Select Yes to restart

Watch this video to learn how to check and turn the waste pad in your franking machine.

1. Pull out the tray located at the right-hand side of the machine towards the back.

2. Inspect the pad to see if it is full.

3. If the opposite corner is clean the pad can be turned and reinserted.

4. If you have been sent a new pad, remove the inner tray, and replace.

5. Once done push the tray back into place.