Label Printer Installation Instructions For iOS

Download the Complete Network & Scale Install Guide (iOS) or read the instructions below.

1. Opening the box and unpacking.
For this you should have the following:
– Printer
– Label Roll
– USB x2
– Power Cord
– Scale

2. Signing into SendPro.
Sign into SendPro Mobile from your iOS mobile device.

3. Connecting the printer.
a. Connect the power cord to your printer as shown.
b. Press the Power button.

4. Loading the label roll.
a. Pull the release levers on the both sides of the printer to unlock the cover, and lift the cover to open it. Remove the protective sheet from the output slot.
b. Place the label roll into the guide. Make sure the roll is inserted firmly in the guide and the stabilizer slides into the notch in the printer
c. Thread the label roll straight through the printer, and align the edge of the roll with the upright edge of the output slot. Push the first label through the output slot until the end comes out of the slot as shown. If experiencing trouble loading the label roll, try inserting from the side making sure the label is under the sensor.
d. Close the cover.
e. Press the Feed button to align the end of label.

5. Connecting the scale to the printer.
Connect the USB wire from the scale to the printer, as shown.

6. Pairing the printer by Bluetooth.
Press and hold the Bluetooth button to pair printer with your mobile device.

7. Setup the printer.
a. Open SendPro Mobile App.
b. Tap Menu on Home screen (upper left icon), then Select Printer Settings.
c. Select Bluetooth Printer and select Roll – 4×6 for Label print size.
d. Tap on Print Sample for test print.
e. Select QL-1110NWB printer to print a sample label.