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Why use a Folding Inserting Machine – By Mailcoms

Why use a Folding Inserting Machine

Many businesses in the UK are now using a folding inserting machine to fold and insert their mail at a more professional standard. This may be down to numerous reasons such as the added convenience, the amount of money saved or the fact that your mail will look far more professional. However, many businesses are currently not using a folding inserting machine, and a common question you may ask is why use a Folding Inserting Machine? Hopefully bu reading our blog, you may change your mind about folder inserters and wish to use one.

Why use a Folding Inserting Machine

There are various reasons for you to use a folding inserting machine. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Save your Business Money – Perhaps one of the main reasons for why you should use a folding inserting machine is the money that you can save. A folding inserting machine will save your business money. A human folds mail at a rate of 5p per item (based on minimum wage). If the wage is higher, the cost will be to. A folding inserting machine on the other hand will fold more mail than a human, and you do not pay a wage. This can save your business money when using a folding inserting machine.
  • Professional Business Image – By folding your mail with a folding inserting machine, your mail will always look professionally folded, and this can improve your business image. A human can make errors and cause some mail to not look professional. With a folder inserter, you will eliminate this and your mail will always look fantastic in the eyes of your customers.
  • Incredible Speeds – A folder inserter will fold mail at an incredible rate in comparison to a human. The slowest machine, the Mailstream Lite, will fold at a top speed of 900 items per hour. This is much faster than a human, and so the time saved will be huge when using these machines.
  • It is far more convenient – You will not have to waste time manually folding your mail. Instead you can use a folding inserting machine within minutes and in the comfort of your office. This is far more convenient than manually folding your mail.
  • Simple to Operate – Simply place your mail items in a folding inserting machine and away you go. No specialised training is needed to operate a folder inserter. Use on screen guides and prompts to use a folding inserting machine with incredible ease.
  • Marketing Benefits – You can use a folder inserter for your mail shots, for larger volumes of mail and for other marketing activities. Turn your folding inserting machine into a money making machine and reap the benefits of using such a great investment.

If your business would wish to invest in a folding inserting machine after reading our blog, then you can receive a low cost Folding Inserting Machine Quote here.

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