Why Invest in a Franking Machine?

Why Invest in a Franking Machine

Many UK businesses are now using a franking machine and many others are migrating to begin to use a franking machine. This is due to the many savings that a business can save from using a franking machine and the added benefits that can be gained. However, many UK businesses are not franking mail, and a common question you may ask yourself is Why Invest in a Franking Machine? Hopefully by reading our blog, you may decide to invest in a franking machine and reap the benefits.

Why Invest in a Franking Machine?

There are many different reasons for you to invest and start using a franking machine, and some of the main reasons can be seen below.

  • Save Money on your Postage – A franking machine will save you money on every item of mail franked, saving any business thousands of pounds. Almost every frank is cheaper than a stamp, allowing massive savings to be made. View the 2015 Royal Mail Prices here.
  • Advertise your Business – Your outgoing mail can be used as a free marketing tool with a franking machine. This is because a franking machine can frank a personalized logo or slogan onto your mail, expanding the business name.
  • Pay Exact Postage – You can ensure your business never miss pays for a mail item again. Accurate postage will always be applied thanks to an integrated weighing scale. A franking machine will help you eliminate any risk of over paying, meaning no more surcharges.
  • Added Convenience – A franking machine can be used in the comfort of your own office and requires far less effort to use. Simply click a few buttons and you will be ready to frank within minutes. This is far more convenient and will save your business time.
  • Quick & Easy – Franking mail is a quicker and easier process to complete in comparison to stamping. Very little human interaction is needed to use a franking machine, and thanks to one touch buttons franking mail can be completed within minutes.

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