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Why Invest in a Folder Inserter?

Why Invest in a Folder Inserter

Many UK businesses are now using a folder inserter machine and many others are migrating to begin to use a folder inserter. This is due to the many benefits that a business can receive from using a folding inserting machine to fold and insert envelopes and letters. As well as this, there are many added benefits that can be gained.

However, there are still some businesses that are not using a folder inserter, and a common question you may ask yourself is Why Invest in a Folder Inserter? Hopefully by reading our blog, you may decide to invest in a folding inserting machine and reap the benefits.

Why Invest in a Folder Inserter?

There are many different reasons for you to invest and start using a folder inserter, and some of the main reasons can be seen below.

  • Save your business money – The main reason to invest in a folder inserter is the money that can be saved. Due to the increased speed and lower operational costs, a folding inserting machine is overall far cheaper to use in comparison to a human.
  • Added Convenience – A folder inserter can be based in your office making it far more convenient to use. Less human errors are made and very little human interaction is required for the process.
  • Easy to Use – Almost anyone can use a folder inserter, thanks to simple one touch operations, a clear to see touch screen and on screen guides. Folding and inserting mail could not be any easier.
  • Increase Productivity – Due to the faster folding and inserting speeds, a folder inserter is far more productive than any human, allowing more mail to be sent out each day. As well as this, staff will be more productive elsewhere in the business as less tie will be spent folding mail.
  • Better Looking Mail – Finally, your mail will look more professional. This is because a folding inserting machine will make no errors and will ensure all mail is accurately folded, giving off a more positive company image.

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