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Why Choose Franking?

The simple answer to this basic question is that franked mail is by far much cheaper than using stamps. The amount you save will differ depending on what you send, but almost every item you frank will offer you some saving. For example sending a second class letter weighing 90g will cost you 56p when sending via a stamp whereas franking will cost you 38p. That’s an 18p saving every time! On the other hand sending a first class small parcel weighing 900g will cost you £3.40 when sending via a stamp whereas franking will cost you £3.12. That’s a 28p savings every time! So as you can see, you can save a lot each time you frank mail instead of stamping mail.

How Much Cheaper Is Franked Mail Compared To Stamps?

View our table below to see exactly how much franking can save you for certain products and services. As you can see, there are huge savings to be made.

UK DeliveryStamp PriceMailmark Franking PriceSaving
First Class Letter: 0-100g65p55p10p
First Class Large Letter: 0-100g98p85p13p
First Class Large Letter: 101-250g£1.30£1.1911p
First Class Large Letter: 251-500g£1.74£1.5816p
First Class Large Letter: 501-750g£2.52£2.2329p
First Class Small Parcel: 1g-1000g£3.40£3.1228p
First Class Small Parcel: 1001-2000g£5.50£5.2228p
Second Class Letter: 0-100g56p38p18p
Second Class Large Letter: 0-100g76p65p11p
Second Class Large Letter: 101-250g£1.2291p31p
Second Class Large Letter: 251-500g£1.58£1.2236p
Second Class Large Letter: 501-750g£2.14£1.7242p
Second Class Small Parcel: 1g-1000g£2.90£2.6228p
Second Class Small Parcel: 1001-2000g£2.90£2.6228p

So why frank mail?

As well as saving countless pennies when franking your mail, there are many other reasons for you to frank.

Time Saving – Franking your mail can be done in your own office or home. This means that no last minute trips to the Post Office is required. Frank mail with more time to spare than ever before.

Reinforce Your Brand – Give your mail a more professional and recognisable look by franking a company logo or message on your mail items.

Manage Your Expenditure – You can top up your postage amount any time you like and you can monitor who is using the franking machine and for what purposes.

Access All VAT Services – A franking machine will give you access to VAT applicable services and this allows more products and services to be available. Monitor your VAT expenditure and reclaim any paid VAT.

Royal Mail Mailmark Technology – The Royal Mail’s newest and more efficient Mailmark technology is now available in more franking machines. Along with further postage savings, Mailmark can offer automatic price update and a more professional franked impression.

With all these reasons, why wouldn’t want to invest in a Mailmark franking machine and start benefiting? If you are interested in getting a Mailmark franking machine today then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776. We are a Royal Mail Authorsied Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines and we can supply you our very own range of models.

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