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What are the Mailmark Advantages?

The new Royal Mail Mailmark service is now in full swing and currently being used by many UK businesses. However not many business are still using a standard franking machine. There are many Mailmark Advantages that can be gained when using this great new service and this is why we believe you should be using Mailmark.

Mailmark involves your franking machine franking a brand new 2D barcode, similar to the image below, and this is what gives you access to Mailmark and the various Mailmark advantages.

What are the Mailmark Advantages?

Mailmark Advantages

The Mailmark advantages that can be gained with this new service is one of the main reason businesses are using Mailmark technology. If your franking machine is not using Mailmark you may wish to upgrade your franking machine today and gain exclusive access to the Mailmark Advantages.

  • Lowest Franking Discounts – Mailmark gives you access to the lowest postage rates that are available. These discounts will save you even more money when franking. View our Royal Mail Postage Prices PDF here to find out more.
  • LAN Connectivity – Mailmark allows you to drop the analogue line for good and use a faster and more secure LAN connection. This can make your life much easier when franking.
  • More Professional Image – Improve the look of your mail and give your business a more professional business image. The new 2D Mailmark barcode can also help increase customer responses.
  • Automatic Tariff Updates – Whenever the Royal Mail make changes to their postage tariffs your Mailmark franking machine will automatically update. You will never have to worry about rate update as Royal Mail will do this for you directly.
  • More to Come… – These are some of the Mailmark advantages that can be gained when using a Mailmark machine. More are set to come as Mailmark grows so keep an eye on our blog to stay updated with Mailmark.

These are the various Mailmark advantages that can be gained when using a Mailmark franking machine. If you would like to know more about the service and benefits available from Mailmark, visit our Mailmark page here.

If your business would like to gain access to these Mailmark advantages today, then you can view our range of franking machines here and receive a quick quote for a Mailmark franking machine.

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