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Weighing Scales – Franking Machine Feature

Weighing Scales - Franking Machine Feature

Any franking machine user will be aware of the incredible franking machine benefits that are gained when franking mail. However many businesses are unaware of how useful the weighing scales feature is within the machine. This may lead you to think ‘Why use a weighing scale when franking?’

Almost all franking machines on offer come with integrated or separate weighing scales. This is so that you can weigh your mail item and apply the appropriate franking impression. Weighing scales are just one of the many features included with a franking machine and they can either be integrated into the machine or come as a completely separate attachment. Whichever scale you use they can be very beneficial during the franking process.

Weighing Scales Accurate Pricing

When weighing your mail, the weighing scales will always ensure you accurately pay the correct postage price. This means that you will always pay the correct price for your mail, eliminating any chance of you over or under paying for your mail. You will never guess the price of your mail again and this is one benefit of using weighing scales.

Choose your scale

Weighing Scales - Franking Machine Feature

Many franking machines allow you to choose which weight weighing scale you have with your machine. For example the Mailbase Plus allows you to choose a 5 Kg scale or a 35 Kg scale.

Other machines however do not allow you to choose but still come with a weighing scale. This means that there is a weighing scale suitable for all businesses sending out different sized mail items.

What can weighing scales do for you?

As franking machines come with the most recent and up to date Royal Mail franking prices, your weighing scales will be able to accurately weigh and calculate the price of your mail. This means that you will never again miss pay for your outgoing mail as accurate postage will always be applied. You will never have to experience the embarrassment of over paying for your mail again.

Mailcoms can offer you a range of franking machines that come with weighing scales as standard, allowing you to benefit from all of the above. View our range of franking machines here and receive a low cost quote today.

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