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We have been Recommended!

Mailcoms Recommended on UK Business Forums in 2014!

Here at Mailcoms, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service that we possible can and that we approach our customers on a more personnel level. Since we began in 2005, Mailcoms have been proud of being left some kind words from many of our customers in regards to our products and services.

Most recently, Mailcoms have been recommended on the UK Business Forums Website from a very happy customer. Due to our low cost franking machines, this customer brought a franking machine from us and was happy with us and the product, and this has been shown by her recommendation on this website.

This customer didn’t know who to go to for a franking machine, and needed one quickly. Mailcoms was the company they eventually went with, and they have recommended us for our services and product prices on this forum. Click here to View Recommendation.

As well as this recommendation, Mailcoms have been left with some kind words from many customers. They have written positive things about us and our services we provide. To see what our customers say and view some of our Customer Testimonials Page click on the link.

If you would like a low cost franking machine then please do not hesitate to contact us as we can provide you with low cost franking machines and franking machine supplies. Get a low cost Franking Machine Quote here.

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