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Using A Franking Machine To Send Mail

The current standard and most beneficial way for a mailroom to get the most out of their mail is by using a franking machine – more specifically a Mailmark franking machine. They are capable of handling both inbound and outbound mail and they can save businesses money. However you may not be aware of these benefits and the many others that can be gained by franking mail, leaving you with the question, ‘Why use a franking machine?’.

The Reasons Why You Should Start Franking Mail With Your Very Own Franking Machine

1. Further Postage Savings From Royal Mail

Potentially the main reason you would want to invest in a franking machine! You will start saving money the minute you start franking as the Royal Mail offer franking machine users postage savings. Due to the popularity of franking machines, the Royal Mail have launched lots of saving incentives for using their services. It is cheaper for the Royal Mail to process franked items and they can pass on the savings they make to franking machine users. Save from the word go!

2. Save Time & Labour

When you have used stamps in the past we can guarantee you have ran out or nearly ran out of stamps, meaning you have to dash to the Post Office, sometimes resulting in you missing your targets. With a franking machine you can remove this possibility. You can top up when you like, meaning you will never run low on funds and you will even have time left at the end of the day. Mail will be processed quicker and easier, taking a lot of time from your days.

3. Keep Up! Your Falling Behind In This Industry!

Many businesses in the UK are already franking mail and they are benefiting from this. How you ask? Well a franking machine can customise your mail items to make it more customer specific or brand specific for your business. This can be a good advertising tool to help improve business. The main benefit of this is that it costs you nothing, simply frank a logo or slogan with your postage. Simple!

4. Pay The Correct Amount

Have you ever paid too much or too little for a mail item when using stamps? Yes? Well with your very own franking machine this risk will be eliminated. With an integrated weighing scale and the most up to date rates integrated into a franking machine, users have no excuse for miss paying. Every item will be franked correctly, eliminated errors and Royal Mail surcharge payments all together.

5. Professional Image

When you frank a mail item you will produce a franking impression and this looks far more professional and appealing to the reader. This can benefit your business as it resembles an improved business image. A company logo or slogan can be franked on your mail as well, meaning mail items can be more personal and appealing.

With all these reasons, why wouldn’t want to invest in a franking machine and start benefiting? If you are interested in getting a franking machine today then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776. We are a Royal Mail Authorsied Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines and we can supply you our very own range of models.

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