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The Beginner’s Guide to a Franking Machine

More and more businesses in the UK are sending mail in the post on a daily basis. Sole traders, government agencies and businesses in the public sector send thousands of items per day. The hassle involved with going back and forth from the Post Office can become frustrating and time wasting for employees.

With a franking machine you will not have this problem and it is a great solution to handling your mail volumes. View our Beginner’s Guide to a Franking Machine below.

What is a franking machine?

A franking machine is a device that is designed to assign mail items postage at a much quicker speed than using stamps. It basically offers an alternative solution to stamps for businesses. Minimal effort is involved and instead of manually applying stamps the user simply identifies the cost from its weight and destination. It is recommended that businesses use a franking machine, especially for larger mail volumes.

The Beginner’s Guide to a Franking Machine

Save Money

The main benefit of using a franking machine is the amount of money that can be saved. Every franked item will have a discount applied to it, meaning businesses save money on every item franked. The Royal Mail encourages franking and in return offer the lower postage tariff. Save 11p on a first class stamp and save 15p on a second class stamp. The savings made all add up.

Also you will never guess the weight of a mail item again meaning that accurate postage will always occur. Simply weigh your mail and apply the correct price. Eliminate the threat of Royal Mail surcharges and further save money.

Save Time

As well as money, time will also be saved. This is because the franking process takes a lot less time to complete. No more travelling to the Post Office is needed and depending on your franking machine model, more mail be franked per minute. This shows that franking is far quicker to complete, saving any business time. Allow employees to be more productive elsewhere in the business.

Added Convenience

A franking machine will remove the hassle of travelling to the local Post Office to pay for postage. Instead simply walk a few feet and frank a mail item, saving you time and money. Everything will be prepaid and this means that users must pay for postage in advance and use when they want to frank. Transactions can occur 24/7, being more convenient than going to a closed Post Office.

Manage Expenses

A final key feature of a franking machine is that it can keep records of postage expenses and protect these records with PIN code security. A franking machine will log all transactions and keep an eye on all postage expenditure. This can aid with budgeting.

View our range of franking machines here and receive an instant franking machine quote if you are interesting in using a franking machine.

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