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Royal Mail Change from Red to Blue Ink!

Royal Mail Change from Red to Blue Ink!

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Sometime during 2014, the Royal Mail are implicating a change in the franking ink used to frank mail. This change is expected to take effect during 2014, and will affect any business with a franking machine. Together, Mailcoms and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a new SMART franking machine to change their ink colour.

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SMART franking machines can frank in both red and blue ink, but Royal Mail want to change this so just blue ink is used when franking mail. This change is occurring due to the successful tests on blue ink, which shown an improvement in franking machines readability of the ink. So if you own a SMART franking machine, you need to begin buying blue ink, instead of red.

There is no need to worry about the colour change as this change is being implicated over the year and so your business has time to adapt. Both Mailcoms and Royal Mail are keen to utilize this new technology and the good news is Mailcoms are authorized Franking machine Inspectors and Maintainers who can supply both red and blue ink.

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