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Using a Franking Machine to send mail? Reasons to Frank! – By Mailcoms

As from 31st March 2014, the Royal Mail’s postage rates in the UK went up. This wasn’t the best news for businesses sending mail by stamp, but there was still good news if you use a franking machine to frank your mail. Save 12p or more on every letter, large letter or parcel you frank. This means there are still many reasons to frank your mail instead of stamp.

Reasons to Frank your Mail

Although the Royal Mail’s stamp and frank prices went up, it is not all doom and gloom for franking machine users, and this blog is here to inform you of the many reasons to frank mail & there are many franking machine benefits that your business can still gain when franking mail instead of stamping mail.

Royal Mail Franking Prices!

All of the most up to date Royal Mail lower franking prices will be installed into the machine, available at the click of a button. Pay less for your postage and save money with every mail item franked. Save 12 to 13p for every first class letter sent in the post. View the most up to date Royal Mail Postage Rates 2014 here.

Never over pay for a Mail item!

Pay the exact postage cost by using the integrated or connected weighing scale feature to accurately price all your mail items every time. This will eliminate the possibility of your business ever over or under paying for a mail item again.

Royal Mail Services Available!

All franking machines come with the most up to date Royal Mail postal services installed into the machine at the click of a button. Use First Class, Second Class, Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery, Cleanmail, Airmail, International and ParcelForce Worldwide Postal services – all available at the click of a button.

Free Advertising!

Using a Franking Machine to send mail? Reasons to Frank!

Advertise your mail with a Company Logo & Return Address like above

Most modern franking machines allow your business to transform your mail into a advertisement. Personalise your mail by franking a company logo, return address or message on all your mail. This will help increase brand awareness and improve your professional image.

If your business is interested in buying, renting or leasing a franking machine, then here at Mailcoms we can offer you a low cost Franking Machine Quote here.

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