Preparing Your Franked Mail – Are You Doing It Correctly?

When using a Mailcoms franking machine to send your business mail to your customers or suppliers, it is very important that you prepare your outgoing post correctly. By not doing this you could end up underpaying or overpaying for your postage, potentially causing delays to your outgoing mail and resulting in a surcharge payment. You may have read our blog about How To Avoid Franking Machine Surcharges which can help eliminate this risk.

To ensure that your business avoids any franking machine surcharges and/or errors, we have made a quick guide about everything you need to know about preparing your mail. Take a quick read and see if you are actually preparing your franking mail correctly.

Preparing Your Franked Mail

Mailmark Franking Machine Impression Example

1. To start off, please ensure the franking machine ink used is smart blue. The Royal Mail changeover from red to smart blue was implemented a while ago and many customers are still printing incorrectly. Although this will not result in any surcharge payment, it is important your franking machine is up to date with the latest regulations.

2. The franking impression must be franked at the top of your item, on the right hand side.

3. The franking impression must be clear and readable so that the Royal Mail scanners can read the mail item correctly, resulting in minimal errors when delivering your mail.

4. The franking impression must have the correct date applied to the mail piece. You can pre-date some post with the latest range of Mailmark franking machines, but it can only be sent in the post on the date specified.

5. Ensure your franking machine is set to £0.00 before you begin the franking process. If incorrect postage has been franked then it can result in a under or over payment, resulting in a Royal Mail surcharge.

6. Add a company logo and/or return address to your mail to make your postage look more professional and to add efficiency to your post.

By following these simple steps you can make the franking process run more smoothly and efficiently whilst ensuring all post arrives on time, all the time.

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