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Pitney Bowes UK

Pitney Bowes UK

Pitney Bowes UK, one of the largest franking machine manufacturers in the world, was created in 1920. Ever since they have gown and expanded across the globe. They now have over 29,00 employees and are worth $5.3 billion. They are established in over 100 countries including the UK, Canada, USA, France and Germany. They offer customers hardware, software and services to businesses of all sizes, so that they can communicate and get better relationships with their customers.

Pitney Bowes main priority is to provide leading customer communication technology. Pitney Bowes offers software equipment and services to help companies communicate better and effectively. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of franking machines in the world today.

Pitney Bowes UK offers many services to the UK. Below is a list of the services they offer to you.

Pitney Bowes UK services

Pitney Bowes UK

  • They provide many young people with the opportunity to train and enhance their skills in software solutions.
  • They offer Purchase Power to all customers.
  • They offer customer support to help maintain your equipment’s efficiency.
  • They offer digital marketing tools via an Iphone so customers can improve their marketing and website traffic

They have about 15 offices spread across the UK and Ireland. Their head office in the Uk is in Hertfordshire, but they have several other offices, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin.

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