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Pitney Bowes Relay™ 5000 Folder Inserter

When sending mail the privacy and security of the customer’s mail is very important. It is important the correct documents are sent on time and are in good condition. The Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 folder inserter allows greater levels of accuracy and security to occur as well as top of the range folding speeds of 4,000 letters per hour.

Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folder Inserter

Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folder Inserter

Top of the range technology is used with the Relay 5000 folder inserter, some of which is only available in more advanced models. This technology will ensure every document is inserted into the correct envelope and gets to the correct recipient. Options such as Optical Mark recognition and 1D scanning are some of the technologies on offer.

Up to 4000 envelopes can be processed per hour with this folding inserting machine, making it ideal for over 62,000 pieces per month. As a high volume folder inserter, businesses should only use this model if they send out large volumes per day. The Relay 5000 is also suitable to process both simple and complex jobs.

The Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 folder inserter is also very convenient and easy to use. A colour touch screen will ensure almost anyone can use the machine and integrated job memories will add to this easiness. Not only this but a clear deck function will help ensure all materials are removed from the machine before starting a job.

Pitney Bowes Relay 5000 Folder Inserter Specifications

View the specifications for the Relay 5000 folding inserting machine below.

  • Folding Speed: 4,000 envelopes per hour
  • Folding Speed: 62,500 envelopes per month
  • Folding Types: C fold, Z fold, Half fold, double fold, no fold
  • Integrity Options: OMR & 1D
  • Max Number of Feeders: 3 sheet / insert feeders)
  • Job Memories: Yes
  • Standard Sheet Feeder Capacity: 350 Sheets
  • Inserter Feeder Capacity: 350 Inserts
  • Letter Envelope Capacity: 250 Envelopes
  • High capacity sheet feeder capacity: No
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes

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