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Pitney Bowes Connect+® 3000 Franking Machine Overview

The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 franking machine is the most advanced model supplied by Pitney Bowes. For this reason it is perfectly suited for businesses sending out large volumes of mail per day. Coming with incredible speeds and highly advanced features, this machine is great for larger sized businesses.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Franking Machine Features

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 Franking Machine

As a high volume franking machine and being highly advanced, the Connect+ 3000 possesses many advanced features that lower volume machines do not. Benefit from franking in any colour you wish and frank all outgoing mail with tremendous ease. View some of the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 franking machine features in more detail below.

Revolutionary Printing

The printing quality used in the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 franking machine is revolutionary. Frank mail using 1200 dpi printing technology and in any colour you wish. Frank in either full colour, postal blue or black and white. To help your business further, full colour adverts can be applied to outgoing mail so that revenue could be generated.

Feeding System

Use a fully automatic feeding system with the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 and process mail at speeds reaching 310 letters per minute. This speed is its fastest, but this can be changed to a variety of other speeds depending on the options used. Also process mail at speeds including: 270, 220, 135, 105 and more. This feeder can process any mail item that is 20mm thick or less.

Mailmark Technology

The most up to date Mailmark technology comes with this machine as standard. Mailmark can benefit businesses that send out large volumes of mail due to the extra postage discounts. For this reason any business using the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 3000 franking machine can benefit from using Mailmark technology. Find out more about Mailmark here.

Integrated Scale Options

Like most franking machines, this high volume model comes with a choice of scale options. Use a 5 or 7 Kg small scale or a 12 or 35 Kg large scale. This will eliminate any risk of miss paying for your outgoing mail. Differential weighing can also be used with a weighing scale, helping large mail loads to be processed easier and quicker.

Colour Touch Screen Display

One final key franking machine feature that can be used with this model franking machine is a full colour touch screen. Use a 15″ screen and gain access to useful applications. Store a wide range of job memories and frank mail with ease.

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