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Neopost UK – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost UK

Neopost UK are one of the major manufacturers of franking machines in the world and the UK. It ranks the number one manufacturer in Europe and number two in the world with their mail room equipment.

Neopost UK are a leading supplier of mail room solutions in the UK. They provide many reliable mail room solutions, including franking machines, folding inserting machines and letter openers. There products aim to make mail faster, cheaper and more efficient for all businesses.

Neopost Ltd headquaters is based in Bagneux, France. From here, and many other places around the world, Neopost manufacture and distribute their mail room supplies to the world. Neopost specialise in franking machines, postal scales, folding machines, consumables and many other mail room equipment, and they have become one of the leading manufacturers in the world because of there high standard of mail room equipment.

Neopost UK History

Neopost UK was founded in 1924, over 75 years ago. Their many years of experience in the franking machine industry has helped them become the leading supplier in Europe. Since 1924, Neopost have come a long way, and what started out in the UK is now an international business, providing to hundreds of thousands of customers over the world. The Neopost UK brand name was created in 1935, and this has stuck since. Neopost Group was founded in 1992, and this name is now what many people recognise them as.

Since 1924, Neopost UK have had to expand, and the one way of doing this is by taking over many competing business. Since there first acquisition of SMH-Adrex in 1970, Neopost has took over many others since. Other take overs that Neopost have done include: Friden, Romeo and Hadewem, Alcatel and Hasler.

Neopost UK Products & Services

Neopost UK offer many products and services to businesses in the UK. Some of these products include franking machines both Smart and Mailmark compatible, folding inserting machines, letter openers, shredders and supplies/consumables for their products. They also offer businesses call line help if they ever need advice or help about their current franking machine.

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