Neopost IS240 Franking Machine Overview

The Neopost IS240 franking machine is a entry level franking machine suited for businesses sending up to 30 items of mail per day based on our experience with a similar machine. If this amount is sent out on a daily basis then an entry level franking machine such as the IS240 could be perfect for you.

Neopost IS240 Franking Machine Features

Neopost IS240 Franking Machine

All franking machines come with a wide range of franking machine features and the Neopost IS240 franking machine is no different. Benefit from using modern franking technology and an integrated choice of features. Save time and money with some of these features. View some of the IS240’s franking machine features in detail below.

Advertising Feature

One franking machine feature that the Neopost IS240 franking machine possesses is an advertising feature. This enables users to frank a personalized message / slogan onto outgoing mail. Use up to 10 different slogans stored onto this machine at one time and help expand your business name via your mail. Use this tool as a free marketing tool and see profits rise.

Feeding System

A manual feeding system comes with this model franking machine as standard. Frank at a top speed of 20 letters per minute and this enables up to 30 items per day to be franked with ease. This is not a limit only a recommendation. The IS240’s feeding system can frank onto any mail item that is 8mm thick and franking labels can be used for items larger than 8mm.

Mailmark Technology

The latest Mailmark technology can be used with the Neopost IS240 franking machine if you wish. This means that the lowest postage prices can be used and that a new 2D barcode can be franked onto outgoing mail. This technology can be highly beneficial and it allows businesses to always use a LAN connection and track their mail. Mailmark is seen as the future and so it can be highly useful for all.

Smart Meter Technology

As well as Mailmark, the latest smart meter technology can also be used with this model franking machine. This means that smart blue ink can be used when franking and that all of Royal Mail’s VAT services can be used. By using smart meter technology businesses can regain any paid VAT after using a VAT service being very beneficial.

Weighing Scales

One final feature that the Neopost IS240 franking machine uses is an integrated weighing scale. Use a 2 Kg weighing scale as standard and never again over or under pay for a mail item. Accurately apply the correct postage price all the time and avoid any possible embarrassment associated with miss paying.

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