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Neopost France – Guide to Neopost France

Neopost France

Neopost France is one of the leading manufacturers of their very own brand of neopost franking machines in the world. They have been manufacturing machines for customers for over 75 years and they have many available to buy right now. They have expanded across the globe since they began and now serve over 800,000 people in over 90 different countries. Neopost are extremely popular in Europe, and have offices set up in many European countries. These include France and the UK.

Neopost have been supplying France and the rest of Europe since they began, and their main headquarters is in Bagneux, France. Neopost France have nearly 600 employees, 27 sales offices and 16 services all committed to serving customers and businesses throughout France. Neopost France have offices scattered across the country, with their 27 offices all available to contact. Although Neopost are a leading manufacturer in the world, here at Mailcoms we offer customers the same franking machines and franking supplies for a far cheaper price than Neopost do.

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