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Neopost DS-85 Folder Inserter

Quick, versatile and easy to use are some of the words that can describe the Neopost DS-85 folder inserter. It comes with a wide range of process controls that will allow businesses to manage content. This flexible folding inserting machine will also cater for current and future mailing jobs due to its modular design.

Neopost DS-85 Folder Inserter

Neopost DS-85 Folder Inserter

Expand the amount of feeders that the DS-85 folder inserter uses between 2 or 6 feeders, allowing for larger capacity volumes and protecting the investment of the machine. No matter how many feeders a business uses with the DS-85 it can process up to 4,000 envelopes per hour, being more efficient and far faster than any human.

Get full control of your content and use security that you can rely on with the Neopost DS-85 folding inserting machine. It comes with helpful scanning technologies that can read barcodes such as OMR and 2D. Once the barcode is printed on the document it will ensure that it gets to the correct recipient 100% of the time.

Anyone in the business will be able to benefit from using this folder inserter as it comes with a full colour touch screen. This provides the user with clear onscreen instructions to guide anyone through the folding and inserting process. Common mailing jobs can also be stored and accessed on the DS-85 along with many more useful features.

Neopost DS-85 Folder Inserter Specifications

View the specifications for the DS-85 folding inserting machine below.

  • Folding Speed: 4,000 envelopes per hour
  • Folding Types: Letter, zigzag, single, double parallel, no fold
  • Set Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Number of Feeders: 6 feeders
  • Envelope Feeder Capacity: 325
  • Document Feeder Capacity: 725
  • MaxiFeeder Capacity: 1200
  • Folding Capacity: Yes, 8 Sheets
  • Job Memories: Yes, 20
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • PowerFold: Yes
  • Load n’ Go: Yes
  • Multiple Sheet Feeding: Yes
  • Mail Piece Production Control (MPPC): Optional
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR): Optional
  • Length: 1,820mm
  • Height: 925mm
  • Depth: 420mm
  • Weight: 110 Kg

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