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Neopost DS-35 Folding Inserting Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost DS-35

Neopost DS-35 Folding Inserting Machine

Low Volume Folding Inserting Machine (Speed of up to 1,350 letters per hour)

The Neopost DS-35 folding inserting machine is a new machine recently released by Neopost as a replacement for the older SI-30. The new DS-35 machine has been manufactured to be more energy saving and environmentally friendly by consuming 7 times less energy when compared to the older SI-30 model. This folder inserter will fold and seal your mail professionally every time, as well as being very beneficial to any business.

As well as this, the Neopost DS-35 machine comes with many great features that will make this machine just as useful as a higher volume folding inserting machine. For example this machine can process various mail items ranging from invoices to some brochures.

With this machine you can also use a full colour touch screen to process your mail more professionally with ease and convenience. This folder inserter also allows you to choose your fold type from either a letter fold, single fold, double parallel fold or a no Fold.

However, if your business would like to save money on a Neopost DS-35 folding inserting machine, then you can receive a low cost Folding Inserting Machine Quote from Mailcoms here for a similar machine to the DS-35. See how much money you can save with us.

View our range of Neopost Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes.
View our range of Neopost DS-35 Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes.

Neopost DS-35 Specifications

Speed: 1,350 letters per hour
Fold Types: Letter, Single, Double Parallel, No Fold
Job Memory: Up to 15
Operating Modes: Manual or Automatic
Envelope Hooper Capacity: 100
Folding Capacity: 5
Number of Sheet Feeders: Up to 2
Coloured Touch Screen: Yes
Dimensions: Depth: 420mm, Length: 658mm, Height: 540mm
Dimensions: Weight: 37 Kg

Neopost DS-65 Further Information

Document Feeder Capacity: 100
Document Weight: 65gsm – 120gsm
Document Size: Up to 355mm
Insert / BRE Feeder: 1
Insert / BRE Feeder Capacity: 100
Insert Weight: 75gsm – 250gsm
BRE Weight: 75gsm – 120gsm
Insert / BRE Size: Up to 158mm (L)

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