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Neopost DS-35 Folder Inserter

One of the many perks of owning the Neopost DS-35 folder inserter is that it can be easily connected to a Neopost franking machine. This is so that the entire mail flow process is made automatic from start to finish, without interruption. A mail item can be folded, inserted and franked within a minute with incredible ease.

Neopost DS-35 Folder Inserter

Neopost DS-35 Folder Inserter

This folding inserting machine is much faster than any human and it can process mail at a speed of 1,350 envelopes per hour. It would take a member of staff much longer to do the same job and cost a business slightly more. This means the DS-35 can be used to save both time and money for your business.

As well as speed, a folder inserter such as the Neopost DS-35 folding inserting machine will always fold and insert mail correctly and neatly, conveying a much more professional image. Errors can occur with a human, and a folder inserter can eliminate these errors and improve the overall look of your business and mail.

Up to three different documents can be inserted into an envelope and with an easy to use and clear touch screen anyone can benefit from using this machine. Various job memories can be stored for common jobs and any type of mailing job can be selected with ease. Even the fold type is available to select.

Neopost DS-35 Folder Inserter Specifications

View the specifications for the DS-35 folding inserting machine below.

  • Folding Speed: 1,350 envelopes per hour
  • Folding Types: Letter, single, double parallel, no fold
  • Set Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Number of Feeders: 3, 2 sheet feeders & 1 Insert Feeder
  • Insert/BRE Feeder Capacity: 100
  • Document Feeder Capacity: 100
  • Hopper Capacity: 100
  • Folding Capacity: Yes, 5 Sheets
  • Job Memories: Yes, 15
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • Length: 658mm
  • Height: 540mm
  • Depth: 420mm
  • Weight: 37 Kg

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