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Neopost DS-100 Folding Inserting Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

The Neopost DS-100 folding inserting machine is one of Neopost’s higher volume machines, capable of folding all your mail professionally and with ease. This machine is designed for everyday use so that all members of staff can benefit from using this machine. Always fold and insert your mail correctly and at a top of speed of 4,500 letters every hour.

Neopost DS-100

Neopost DS-100 Folding Inserting Machine

The Neopost DS-100 is accommodated for a huge range of envelopes and address locations (bottom, middle & top). Process a variety of different mail items for direct marketing campaigns, for invoicing, monthly statements and more, suiting all your company needs. This high volume model can be upgraded to allow you to benefit from the latest reading technologies for ease of use with document recognition.

High Volume Folding Inserting Machine (speed of up to 4,300 letters per hour)

There are various feeders on this high volume folding inserting machine, all off which are provided with automatic calibration for any process item. This document security feature requires very little human interaction and will always ensure your documents have been processed correctly. The inserts will handle documents up to 4mm thick and you can also use up to 20 job memories for your most recent jobs, only with the Neopost DS-100.

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View our range of Neopost Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes here.

View our range of Neopost DS-100 Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes here.

Neopost DS-100 Specifications

View the specifications to the Neopost DS-100 folder inserter here.

  • Speed: 4,500 letters a hour
  • Fold types: C Fold, Z Fold, Single Fold, Double Parallel Fold
  • Job Memories: 20
  • Document Feeder Capacity: 500
  • Envelopes Feeder Capacity: 500
  • Folding Capacity: 8 Sheets
  • Documents Height: 140mm to 406mm
  • Documents Width: 140mm to 228mm
  • Inserts Height: 76mm to 152mm
  • Inserts Width: 140mm to 242mm
  • Envelopes Length: 152mm to 264mm
  • Envelopes Height: 89mm to 165mm
  • Set Thickness: 6mm
  • Hand Feeding: Yes
  • Cascade from Feeders: Yes
  • Automatic Job Setup: Yes
  • Dimensions: Length: 130″, Height: 59″, Depth: 21″
  • Dimensions: Weight: 324 Kg

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