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Most Common Franking Machine Features

The basic functionality of a franking machine is very similar across the board. They will imprint a franking impression onto mail items so that they can be posted by Royal Mail. Franking is a lower cost alternative to stamps. besides this functionality, there are certain franking machine features that can help you to make mailing easier and simpler.

Franking Machine Features

Below you will see some of the most common franking machine features in more detail.

Franking Machine Features


All franking machines possess a feeder or a feeding system. It is the basic part of the machine that processes mail through the franking machine where postage is applied via a franking impression. However there are differences in how the feeder works as some are manual and others are automatic.

Manual feeding requires you to hold the letter under the machine. Semi-automatic feeding requires you to place the letter in the feeder and the franking machine will do the rest. Automatic however requires you to stack your envelopes and the franking machine will shoot them out the machine at the touch of a button.

Depending on the franking machine you use, it will process mail to a certain thickness, usually 9.5mm.

Sealer, Nesting & Flapping

Many franking machines can automatically seal letters once they are franked. They can also open the flap of the envelope prior to sealing. Besides letters some franking machines can be used to seal alternative envelopes that are not meant to be posted. This means no franking impression will be applied to the envelopes.


Another franking machine feature is a stacker that helps businesses organised franked mail. Lower volume machines will catch the mail and stack it up. Higher volume machines however can clear mail away from the franking machine using a power stacker.


So that your franking machine has postage and so that you can top up on postage, your franking machines need to be connected. This connection can be easily established via a LAN connection, an analogue line or a WiFi box. The analogue is more traditional but by using a LAN connection you will receive faster download and upload speeds.

Franking Technologies

The latest franking technologies, which are smart meter technology and Mailmark technology, are a common feature in almost all common franking machines. Smart meter allows users to access all VAT applicable services and to record any VAT applied. Mailmark however allows users to frank a new 2D barcode impression and to use even lower franking prices. Find out more about Mailmark here.

Weighing Scale

Almost all franking machines will come with an integrated weighing scale as standard and this will ensure that all users accurately apply the correct postage. This will eliminate risk of miss payment and can prove to be very useful.

Rate chip

Your franking machine’s rate chip stores information about the latest postage rates. When postage rates change, which is usually every year, the rate chip has to be exchanged to make sure that the correct postage is still applied. On the chip you normally find postage rates for multiple carriers and every type of mail.

Are you interested in getting a low cost franking machine and using some of the above franking machine features? View our range of franking machines here and receive a quick franking machine quote.

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