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Mailcoms are Winners at Local Business Awards

Mailcoms were awarded the award for ‘Excellence in Expansion and/or Diversification’ at a recent award ceremony held at the Premier Suite in Cannock. Mailcoms were

Mailcoms Business Awards Winners

Mailcoms Business Awards Winners

awarded this based on two major key factors over the last 12 months. The first being the development of our own brand of franking machine inks of which after 3 years of development our ink became one of only two companies in the world to be approved by the Royal Mail. This new range gave customers a cost effective QUALITY APPROVED alternative to the larger franking machine manufacturers ink cartridges. Mailcoms is now the largest online retailer of alternative franking machine inks in the UK. As a result of this expansion new jobs have been created which is much needed in our local area.

Consideration was also given to the Mailsend service which allows customers to merge print and send their mail online for less than the price of stamp. This new service is in its early stages but already is showing some promising signs of further growth. For further information on the Mailsend service visit http://www.mailsend.co.uk/.

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