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Low Cost Franking Machines Can Save Businesses Money

In today’s business world communication is key. Not all communication can be completed digitally and many businesses worldwide prefer to use the ‘old fashioned’ way of communication. With that in mind businesses still need to post mail, but cost is a key factor in doing so. Purchasing envelopes and stamps are one cost of sending post. Fortunately all UK businesses can save money and benefit when using a low cost franking machine.

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Save Money with a Low Cost Franking Machine

A low cost franking machine will cost your business money to send mail, but the price in comparison to a stamp is much lower, especially for Mailmark franking machine users. As well as this a franking machine will improve your businesses efficiency and avoid any miss payment of mail items.

Savings on Stamps

Franking mail is much cheaper than stamping mail. The postage discount allows money to be saved per franked item. For example from 29th March 2016, a first class stamp will cost you 64p for a standard letter, whereas a frank will cost you 53p. That’s an 11p saving, and that’s just one item. Mailmark users can benefit even further with even lower postage discounts. View the Royal Mail Postage Rates 2016 here and compare prices today.

Improved Efficiency

Other than postage savings your business can profit further from streamlining your operations and becoming more efficient. A franking machine can print postage on envelopes as well as a personalized logo to help expand your business name. Some models will even seal your envelopes for you.

Instead of queuing for stamps and stopping off at a Post Office, you can top up the low cost franking machine from your office. Arranging for mail to be picked up will save you even more man hours. Without a franking machine these tasks are time consuming. A franking machine can prove to be very useful for your business and employees.

Avoid overpaying

Almost all modern franking machines come with an integrated weighing scale as standard, and this will ensure you always pay the correct postage price. No longer will you guess your postage as the weight and price can be automatically calculated. A low cost franking machine will eliminate the risk of overpaying.

Are you interested in getting a low cost franking machine and saving more money when franking instead of stamping? View our range of franking machines here and receive a quick franking machine quote.

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