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Neopost IS5000 Franking Machine Information

The Neopost IS5000 franking machine is one of Neoposts’ heavy duty models that is designed for massive mail loads reaching well over 1000 items per day. This machine is more suitable for users that send large volumes of mail everyday and wish to save money when doing so. Frank at incredible speeds and use a wide range of franking machine features with this heavy duty machine.

Neopost IS5000 Franking Machine

Neopost IS5000 Franking Machine Information

The IS5000 model uses a automatic feeding system when franking, processing mail items up to 260 letters per minute and onto any item up to 20mm thick. Use a slightly slower franking speed of 140 letters per minute when using its dynamic weighing feature. For accurate weighing of mail, an integrated weighing scale is readily available. Never again over or under pay for a mail item with this feature.

The Neopost IS5000 franking machine can also frank a personalized message or advert onto outgoing mail items. This allows businesses to expand their business name and attract customers before they open the mail item. This can be highly beneficial to use. Other franking machine features include an accounting feature, the latest smart meter technology and more.

Mailmark Compatibility

The Neopost IS5000 franking machine is a Mailmark ready model. This means that businesses can benefit from franking a new 2D barcode onto their mail items and this is what Mailmark is recognized as. Benefit from a range of benefits including lower franking prices, using a LAN connection and more. Find out about Mailmark here.

IS5000 Specifications

View the key specifications of the Neopost IS5000 franking machine below.

    • Speed: 260 Letters per Minute
    • Dynamic Speed: 140 Letters per Minute
    • Feeding System: Automatic
    • Weighing Scales: 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg available
    • Connectivity: LAN
    • Max. Envelope thickness: 20mm
    • Job Memories: 15
    • Advertisements: 8
    • Departmental Accounts: 500 available
    • PIN Security: Yes
    • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
    • Mailmark Technology: Yes

If you would like a franking machine similar to the Neopost IS5000 then view our range of franking machines here.

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