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Franking Privilege Guide By Mailcoms

Franking Privilege

Franking Privilege

A Franking Privilege

A Franking Privilege is a personally signed or printed signature made by a person with the franking privilege. Once applied to the mail item, postage does not have to be paid for. In the USA, a Franking Privilege is referred to as a Congressional frank. The very first privilege ever used dates back to 1775.

Who can use a Franking Privilege?

Only people who are designated by the law or any Postal Regulations, such as government officials in the House of Commons, has the privilege to use a Franking Privilege. They are used to allow people with this privilege to send any mail item of any size without applying a stamp of a frank onto their mail item. This means that almost all UK businesses cannot use a franking privilege unless they are designated to by the law or any Postal Regulations.

Franking Privileges are widely used by congressmen in the United States, but in the UK, only some members of the House of Commons use them to do their “Official Business”. A Franking Privilege should only be used for the sole purpose of “Official Business” and nothing else.

The only time any other individual may be able to use a franking privilege is if the government authorize active duty service members and any other designated people to use a franking privilege. This is usually only called upon during war times, as soldiers will be able to send “Soldier’s Mail” for free. To do this, soldiers must clearly write “Free” or “Soldier’s Mail” on the mail item or use free franked postal stationary.

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