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Franking isn’t just for Letters

On March 30th 2015, the Royal Mail increased the cost of sending a first and a second class letter in the UK. An increase in the postage price is never a welcoming issue, even if it is only by a few pence. However the new stamp and frank prices are not all doom and gloom for mail users, especially franking machine users who send large amounts of parcels.

Franking isn't just for Letters

Franking isn’t just for Letters

Online shoppers and online companies are more likely to benefit in particular and they will welcome the new postal tariff’s introduced by Royal Mail. These new changes include:

  • Lower the price of sending a second class small or medium sized parcel weighing up to 2 Kg.
  • Retain the price promotion introduced during Christmas 2014 for second class small parcels. The 1 – 2 Kg band is removed, charging all second class small parcels weighing up to 2 Kg the same rate. Save £1 on every small parcel.
  • Retain the larger dimensions used of a small parcel that was introduced during October 2014. A single small parcel measuring 45cm x 35cm x 16cm has doubled the maximum volume. Users can now send parcels containing bigger items at lower prices.
  • The 1 – 2 Kg price band for a second class medium parcel has been removed. A medium sized parcel weighing up to 2 Kg now costs the same as a 0 – 1 Kg parcel.

Bigger Franking Machine Savings!

2015 still allows businesses to save more money when franking mail over using stamps. Savings of up to 30p per small parcel and up to £1.40 for a first class medium parcel weighing up to 2 Kg can be made. Over time, companies sending large amounts of parcels will regain the money originally invested in a franking machine.

As well as large savings for regular franking machines, the brand new Mailmark service also offers businesses the chance to make further franking savings whilst benefiting from an improved business image.

View our range of franking machines here to see how much you can save when using Mailcoms as your franking machine supplier.

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