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Pay More Attention To Franking Ink Colours!

Franking Ink Colours!Pay More Attention To Franking Ink Colours

Many businesses should be made aware that franking ink colours can have an amazing effect on customers. They can help improve brand image, and make your business look more attractive. Colour can therefore help your business be recognized and help improve customer base. So if you don’t take colour very seriously, now is the time to do so.

Your business cannot afford to not take colour seriously as it is a major influence on what customers buy. Over 80% of people say that they buy a product due to a colour, so if you frank your mail in a certain colour, customers will be much more likely to buy your products. Colour is also one of the first things people associate a company with. For example Red is commonly associated with Neopost. This shows that colour is vital in the eyes of consumers.

Colours can be used by any business to help improve communications with customers and to appeal to their needs. Franking Ink can be used to make your mail look more appealing, and by using the correct colours, you can improve your business massively. Below is a list of colours and the impact they have an customers.

  • RED – Energy, increases the heart rate, creates urgency and often seen in sales. Also used to attract impulse buyers.
  • BLUE – Creates trust and security and often associated with banks. Also used to attract impulse buyers.
  • YELLOW – Optimistic, youthful and used to grab the attention of customers.
  • PINK – Caring, heartwarming and exhibiting energy towards the reader. Also used to attract traditional buyers.
  • ORANGE – Aggressive, call to action and used to subscribe, buy or sell products. Also used to attract impulse buyers.
  • BLACK – Powerful, sleek and often used to market luxury products. Also used to attract impulse buyers.
  • GREEN – Wealthy, easy for the eyes to process and used to relax people. Also used to attract shoppers on a budget.

Red and blue colours are the most common franking ink colours used. They are used to frank all mail types and by using the correct colours for your business, you can help increase customer base. As well as this, if your business wants or has a Pitney Bowes Connect+ Franking Machine, you can have any colour you want, so you should choose wisely when franking mail in a certain colour.

Important Note: The Royal Mail have announced that all Smart Franking Machines are to frank mail in Smart Blue ink, not the traditional Red ink. It is time for change!

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