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Francotyp Postalia UK – Guide By Mailcoms

Francotyp Postalia were founded in 1983, after Francotyp merged with Postalia, but they originally set up over 90 years ago. Their headquarters are currently set up in Birkenwerder, Germany, and they then distribute their products around the world. Since they began, Francotyp Postalia have been a worldwide hit, selling their products globally.

Francotyp Postalia UK

Francotyp Postalia UK have been offering the UK with their products and services since 1923. Most commonly referred to as FP Mailing UK in the last 20 years, Francotyp Postalia UK have always been a huge competitor in the franking machine industry, introducing the first automatic, electronic, digital and inkjet franking machines.

Francotyp Postalia UK are set up in Dartford, Kent in the UK and all Francotyp Postalia UK Equipment is manufactured in Berlin, Germany. They have many subsidiaries throughout world including Belgium, France, the UK and the USA. They currently distribute and sell their products to 84 countries worldwide.


Francotyp Postalia UK do not only offer customers franking machines, they also manufacturer and sell other products to help your businesses mail room work more effectively. These products include Folding Inserting Machines, Postage Scales, Postage & Accounting Software, Document Exchange, Mailmark and Business Mail. All of these products are manufactured in Germany and sold in the UK by Francotyp Postalia UK and they are all useful for your mail room.

As well as products, they also offer customer support for when your Francotyp Postalia UK products are not working correctly. They are based in the UK and are dedicated to helping you resolve any problems you may have with their products. As well as customer service, Francotyp Postalia UK also have engineers ready to assist you with any breakdowns you may have with your machines.

Want To Save Money!

Although Francotyp Postalia UK sell reliable franking machines, here at Mailcoms we can offer you lower priced franking machines at affordable prices. We can offer you low, medium or high volume franking machines that produce the same output as a Francotyp Postalia UK franking machine. Get a quick, low cost franking machine quote here!

As well as franking machines, Mailcoms can offer you many Francotyp Postalia UK franking machine supplies at a much lower price. For example a original Francotyp Postalia Ultimail ink cartridge will cost £200.00 from Francotyp Postalia, whereas Mailcoms can offer you a compatible ink cartridge with Royal Mail Approved ink at £99.95, saving you £100.

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