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Francotyp Postalia Austria – Guide

Francotyp Postalia Austria

Francotyp Postalia, also known as FP Mailing, have many subsidiary operations spread out across the world so they can sell and manufacture their products globally. One of their many subsidiary groups is in Austria, and this is known as Francotyp Postalia Austria. This Austrian subsidiary was set up in 1994 in the capital city of Vienna. This followed after Francotyp Postalia acquired the general agent Karl Zuza KG. Ever since Francotyp Postalia Austria have been mainly selling and distributing their products throughout Austria and Francotyp Postalia Austria have then been able to become one of the largest mailing forces in the country. They now own about 50% of the Austrian Market and is therefore a market Leader.

Francotyp Postalia Austria Services

Francotyp Postalia offer many useful services to Francotyp Postalia Austria. One particular service they offer to their customers is their hybrid mail. This allows customers to transfer their data via electronic files. This is then delivered as mail in the form of a letter. This service is offered to many businesses and customers to save time and money for Francotyp Postalia customers. Here at
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Other services Francotyp Postalia offer include offering customers franking machines and franking machine supplies to their global customers and giving their customers support if their Francotyp Postalia products break down.

Here at Mailcoms, we offer customers very competitive and much cheaper products than our competitor Francotyp Postalia Austria. We offer cheaper machines and cheaper supplies for all Francotyp Postalia products, saving you money. Click Here to view our range of franking machines, which are cheaper and offers the same service as Francotyp Postalia products.

Francotyp Postalia Franking Machine supplies

Mailcoms also offers customers very cheap supplies for Francotyp Postalia Supplies. Click on the links below for:

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