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Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Frama Matrix F42

Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark Franking Machine

Mid Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 65 franks per minute)

Does your business send a medium amount of mail a day? If so then the Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark Franking Machine will be perfect for your business. The Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark Franking Machine is one of the new Mailmark franking machines released by Frama this year.With franking speeds of up to 65 franks a minute, this franking machine is perfect for any business, especially if you send an average amount of mail a day.

Fitted with an easy to follow and use colour touch screen and 36 one touch colour buttons, the Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark Franking Machine can be used by all members of staff. Take advantage of this brand new Mailmark franking machine, and save both time and money for your business.

These are not the only features the Frama Matrix F42 has, this Mailmark franking machine also comes with a label dispenser which means that all letters 10mm thick, or sometimes parcels, can be franked clearly and cleanly with an individual advertising message.

The Frama Matrix F42 Mailmark machine also has pricing advantages over other franking machines, as the Frama F42 Mailmark machine gives you access to even lower franking costs, saving your business even more money. Use a LAN connection to gain access to Royal Mail approved services such as postal tariff and software updates, meaning no hassle will be required for monitoring updates.

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Download the Frama Matrix F42 PDF here

Frama Matrix F42 Specifications

Speed: Up to 65 franks per minute
Feeder: Automatic
Scale: 2KG or 5KG weighing platform, upgrade for a 30KG scale available
Max. envelope thickness: Up to 10mm
Connection Method: LAN Connection or Telephone
One Touch Controls: 36 programmable one-touch controls
Label Dispenser: Yes
Envelope Size: Minimum C6
Dimensions: Width: 830mm, Height: 220mm, Weight: 8.6KG
Mailmark Compatible: Yes
Cost Centres: Up to 50 accounts, upgrade available for 250 accounts

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