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Frama GEM DS35 Folding Inserting Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

The Frama GEM DS35 model is one folder inserter that is capable of sitting on your desktop, taking up very little space. This machine will make all folding and inserting jobs easier. On average it will take about an hour to manually fold 100 mail pieces. However with a machine such as the GEM DS35 the same job can occur in a tenth of the time, being very beneficial for your mail room.

Frama GEM DS35

The Frama GEM DS35 folding inserting machine will work much faster than any human and will save your staff members time. This enables more time to be allocated in other areas of the business. Coming with whisper quiet operation and a compact design, the GEM DS35 is a perfect mail room product for any office building.

This machine can process mail items in various ways including: letter fold, single fold, double parallel fold and no fold. This means that you can choose how your mail looks when the envelope is opened. Also use up to 15 job memories with the Frama GEM DS35 for your commonly used jobs. This will save you time when coming to do your next important job.

Frama GEM DS35 Folding Inserting Machine

Low Volume Folding Inserting Machine (speed of up to 1,350 letters per hour)

The Frama GEM DS35 folding inserting machine is a low volume model that can process your mail documents at speeds reaching 1,350 items an hour. With speeds this quick we would recommend users who send out low volumes of mail to use a machine of this kind. Ensure that your outgoing mail is looking professional all the time.

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Frama GEM DS35 Specifications

View the specifications for the Frama GEM DS35 here.

  • Speed: 1,350 items an hour
  • Job memories: 15
  • Fold Types: Letter Fold, Single Fold, Double Parallel Fold, No Fold
  • Envelope Capacity: 100 Envelopes
  • Document Capacity: 5 Sheets
  • Feeder Capacity: 100 Inserts / Sheets
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Low Noise Levels: Yes
  • Suitable for stapled & Unstapled Documents: Yes
  • Dimensions: 668mm x 420mm x 540mm

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