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Frama DS35 Folder Inserter Review

The small and stylish Frama DS35 folder inserter is perfect for fitting onto any desktop. It comes with the ability to cope with a massive range of applications quickly and effectively. Process even the most complex manual jobs within minutes via the use of automated features, only with the DS35 folding inserting machine.

Frama DS35 Folder Inserter

Frama DS35 Folder Inserter

By simply using a colour touch screen any business can free up staff and increase business productivity. Even process envelopes and documents at an incredible speed of 1,350 items every hour with the Frama DS35, saving you time and money every time.

Store up to 15 job memories with this machine for quick and easy access for your most commonly used jobs. This allows quick and simple access for quick mailings. Operate at low noise levels, helping to ensure very little disruption. This machine can even fold stapled and unstapled items.

Whatever kind or size of business you are, if you send out even a couple of hundred items every month you will reap the benefits. The DS35 works at a faster and more efficient rate than any human, making it perfect for the folding inserting job. Process invoices and promotions as standard with the Frama DS35 precisely and professionally every time.

Frama DS35 Folder Inserter Features

Find out what folding inserting machine features are included with the Frama DS35 folder inserter below.

  • Speed: 1,350 envelopes per hour
  • Fold Types: letter, zigzag, single, double parallel & no fold
  • Folding Capacity: 5 sheets
  • Document Feeder Capacity: 100
  • Job Memories: Yes, 15
  • Colour Touch Screen: Yes
  • Automatic Document Detection: Yes
  • Load n’ Go: Yes
  • FlexFeed: Yes
  • PowerFold: Yes

Frama DS35 Folder Inserter Dimensions

Find out the dimensions of the Frama DS35 folder inserter below.

  • Length of DS35: 658mm
  • Height of DS35: 540mm
  • Depth of DS35: 420mm
  • Weight of DS35: 37 Kg

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