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FP Mailing Optimail 35 Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

FP Mailing Optimail 35

FP Mailing Optimail 35 Franking Machine - Guide By Mailcoms

Low to Mid Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 200 Franks per day)

The FP Mailing Optimail 35 Franking Machine is a great, low to mid volume franking machine for your business. Producing speeds of up to 200 franks per day, and also coming with an integrated 3KG weighing scale, this machine will help speed up the whole franking process. The inbuilt weighing scale will aid you in calculating your postage costs, and the machine will frank your mail for you with little human interaction required. The FP Mailing Optimail 35 is easy to use by all staff members as messages and logos can be uploaded to the franking machine with ease.

The FP Mailing Optimail 35 comes with thermal printing, which is relativity old technology, and will not produce as good a frank as the more common inkjet franking machines. Despite this however, the Optimail 35 is small and compact, meaning that it will fit in many office rooms whilst still taking advantage of the lower franking prices.

Make the most of the FP Mailing Optimail franking machine advantages and features and buy one, or you can alternatively get a low cost franking machine from Mailcoms at a much lower price, saving you money. We are the experts of franking machines and we have reduced the cost of owning a franking machine for many years. View our range of Franking Machines here.

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FP Mailing Optimail 35 Specifications

Speed: Up to 200 franks per day
Scale: There is a 3KG integrated weighing scale
Costs Accounts: 9
Short Code Memories: 9
Smart meter: Yes
Adverts: Up to 6 adverts
Dimensions: Length: 320, Width: 290, Height: 220

FP Mailing Optimail 35 Running Costs

Ink: From £44.85 for around 3,300
Labels: From £4.95 for at least 200 labels
Envelopes: From 9.95 for at least 50 Envelopes

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