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DM300M Postal Franking Machine

Save money on your post and make paying the correct postage on all your mail simple with a franking machine. The DM300M postal franking machine, which is manufactured by Pitney Bowes, is one option for your business. It can save any user time when applying postage and it will ensure all mail is correctly paid for.

DM300M Postal Franking Machine

DM300M Postal Franking Machine

The DM300M postal franking machine gives you the ability to track and report on all postage expenses. This can be completed on as many as 300 accounts. Use PIN code protection on your accounts to secure your expenses. Access this feature from it’s easy to use functions and abilities.

It’s semi-automatic feeding and optional differential weighing will allow you process mail of various sizes at a faster speed. Up to 65 letters per minute can be franked with the DM300M postal franking machine and every item will have crisp and clean impressions applied. Give your mail the professional look it deserves.

Mailmark is the new generation of franking and this fantastic piece of technology can also be used in the Pitney Bowes DM300M postal franking machine. Your existing franking impression will be replaced with a 2D barcode and you will end up paying less per impression. Job memories, adverts and a weighing scale are other integrated features.

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DM300M Key Details

View the key details and features that the DM300M postal franking machine possesses here.

  • Speed: 65 LPM
  • Feeding System: Semi-Automatic
  • Weighing Platforms: Yes, 5, 7, 12 or 35 Kg Available
  • Connectivity: LAN
  • Maximum Envelope Thickness: Up to 9.5mm
  • Job Memories: Yes, 10 Available
  • Advertisements / Slogans: Yes, 20 Available
  • Departmental Accounts: Yes, 25, 100 or 300 Available
  • PIN Security: Yes
  • Smart Meter Technology: Yes
  • Mailmark Technology: Yes
  • Differential Weighing: Optional
  • Length of Machine: 370mm
  • Depth of Machine: 435mm
  • Height of Machine: 315mm
  • Weight of Machine: 10.4 Kg

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