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Departmental Accounts – Franking Machine Feature

Departmental Accounts - Franking Machine Feature

Any franking machine user will understand the added benefits of franking mail. However businesses may not be aware of the added benefits of using the departmental accounts feature that comes with many franking machines. This may lead you to think ‘Why should I be using my departmental accounts?’.

Almost all franking machines on the market come with some departmental accounts as standard. This means that postage expenditure can be monitored better and your franking machine can be kept safe and secure. Some older franking machines do not come with this great feature whereas modern machines do. This means that businesses should now be looking to use a modern franking machine more than ever.

Departmental Accounts

The departmental accounts feature comes as standard in many modern franking machines and most allow you to choose from several options. Some franking machines allow just 3 accounts whereas other franking machines allow up to 250 accounts. The amount of accounts varies for different franking machines but they all do the same job.

The department accounts feature allows monitoring and tracking of postage expenditure easier. This means that you will be able to keep on top of your postage costs better and this can be very beneficial. You can assign your accounts to different departments so every department can be limited with their postage expenditure.

PIN Security

PIN Security

With the departmental accounts feature you can use PIN code security. This franking machine feature allows you to protect your franking machine and in particular your departmental accounts. By using PIN code digits you can keep your franking machine’s accounts safe and secure.

What do Departmental Accounts mean for you?

Departmental accounts allow your business to monitor your postage expenditure better so that you are in full control of your postage costs. You can keep your franking machine safer with the use of PIN code security. Some machines even allow you to upgrade the amount of accounts on the machine. For example you can upgrade from 100 to 250 accounts in some machines. This option allows you to choose the best option for your business.

If you haven’t got this departmental accounts feature in your franking machine then you may want to get a franking machine quote here.

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