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Cleanmail Advance – Franking Machine Feature

Cleanmail Advance - Franking Machine Feature

One of the perks of using a franking machine is using the franking machine features that come with the machine. These features can benefit businesses as the franking process can be simplified and made easier for all users. However many users are not aware the the Cleanmail Advance franking machine feature that is present in most higher volume franking machines.

Cleanmail Advance is an efficient and cost effective way of preparing your mail so that every address can be read easily by Royal Mail’s sorting machines. To use Cleanmail Advance you must send out large volumes of mail reaching 1000 items, you must meet defined letter dimensions which include address location and zones, you must complete a sales order online and present the letters in trays.

Royal Mail Discounts

If your mail complies with the Royal Mail’s guidelines for Cleanmail Advance then you will gain access to a Royal Mail discount. As you will help the Royal Mail by saving them time, you will receive a 12% discount based on letter machine-ability and address accuracy (automatic sortation).

These Royal Mail discounts will apply to every letter that is sent using Cleanmail Advance. These means 12% will be saved off every franked tariff price. Letters that are not automatically sorted will not receive a discount.

Cleanmail Advance Compatible Franking Machines

If you wish to use a Cleanmail Advance compatible franking machine get in touch with us today. There are many Mailcoms franking machines that can use Cleanmail Advance including our Mailbase Speed and Mailpoint Connect models. View our range of franking machines here and find out for your self which machines offer Cleanmail.

By using Cleanmail Advance you can benefit from the above. Cleanmail can benefit both you and Royal Mail and so it is advised to use if you can. Find out more about Cleanmail Advance here.

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