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Changes To International Letter Dimensions – By Mailcoms

Changes To International Letter Dimensions

Recently, the Royal Mail have announced that there will be changes to International Letter Dimensions regarding how a International Letter is defined in order for it to be classed as an International Letter. There is now a much easier and simpler method that can be used to define whether your letter is an international letter or not. This is defined by the weight and dimensions of the letter.


In order to comply with the new Royal Mail requirements of a International Letter Price, letters must be:

  • No larger than 240mm x 165mm
  • No thicker than 5mm
  • Weigh no more than 100g

If you find that your letter is either larger or thicker than the specified requirements above, then you must class the letteras an International Parcel instead and apply the correct postage cost.

If you would like to reduce the overall cost of sending a larger international item, you can fold your mail to fit into a C5 envelope if this is possible for your letter. This will allow you to pay the lower international price, but the thickness of the letter MUST NOT exceed 5mm.

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Changes To International Letter Dimensions
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