Can A Franking Machine Be Part Of Your Digital Mailroom?

More and more companies are transforming their mailroom into a digital one. A digital mailroom is the idea of using more software and hardware that is capable of processing incoming and outgoing documents. The aim of this is to increase the efficiency of the mailroom, control the security, reduce paper and more. On some occasions we have been asked about whether a franking machine can be integrated into a digital mailroom. And our answer is yes.

Many digital mailroom solutions focus solely on incoming documents; however this only represents part of the mailroom. Many businesses send just as much mail as they receive. This is where a franking machine can come into use.

Mailcoms Mailstart Plus Franking Machine

How To Integrate A Franking Machine

Incoming Documents

In a digital mailroom both hardware and software can be used to scan all incoming documents and convert them in to digital copies. The software can be used to analyse the content of incoming documents to make processing them easier and more efficient. They can forward digital copies to the correct recipients or department(s) and they can encrypt and store incoming documents for safekeeping, allowing for any paper copies to be shredded.

Outgoing Documents

Outgoing documents however are handled a little bit differently in a digital mailroom. The key to dealing with outgoing mail more digitally is using a modern franking machine. Rather than converting documents to a digital copy, paper documents are processed, addressed, and franked digitally.

Top of the range franking machines can do so many great things. They can access a stored database of addresses so that the franking machine can automatically print return addresses on to your outgoing mail items. They can print a Royal Mail barcode and print company data onto your outgoing mail for mail tracking and marketing. Customised marketing messages can also be printed and these messages can be changed if and when required. Not only this but all your mail will look more professional and portray your business in this manner.

On top of this, all franking machines can process many mail items every minute and the only thing required for this is for an operator to keep the franking machine stocked and maintained.

Get A Digital Franking Machine Today!

If you are thinking of transforming your mailroom into a digital one, or even if you are just interested in the franking concept, any modern mail franking machine can play an important part in this. Streamline your mail processing and never again process your outgoing mail in a manual, laborious, time consuming way.

Mailcoms are one of the Royal Mail’s Authorised independent inspectors and maintainers of franking machines and as such we can provide you with a franking machine to suit your needs. Whether you want to buy or rent a franking machine, or just genuinely want some advice on making this decision, we are more than happy to help.

A Mailmark franking machine can help massively when sending your mail. If you are interested in getting a franking machine or upgrading to a Mailmark franking machine with even lower prices available, then please view our franking machine page here or call us today on 01543 572 776.