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All About The Mailmark Service

In 2014 the Royal Mail decided to release and make the announcement of their new low cost Mailmark franking service. Ever since Mailmark has changed the look of mail items and the face of the industry. Mailmark offers businesses a range of added extras, previously anonymous in the franking industry, and it proof to be highly beneficial.

Mailmark basically produces a 2D barcode franking impression on mail items, and it is thought almost all UK businesses will soon expect to become Mailmark compliant. Mailmark is simply an alternative to the traditional ‘town and crown’ meaning the Royal Mail will still process all existing franking formats.

Introduction of Mailmark

The Royal Mail invested heavily into the Mailmark technology and it was unveiled in 2013. Working closely with various partners in the mailing industry, the Royal Mail have been able to release the next generation of mail. Mailmark now provide extra information to the Royal Mail to help make processing mail easier on their behalf. This information includes:

– Where mail is located.

– Where When mail is going out for delivery.

– Predictions of where mail will be landing.

– Further postage discounts to help with the migration to Mailmark.

Mailmark Benefits

Mailmark was officially released during 2014 and the benefits of using the software are clear to see. These benefits include but are not limited to:

– Quicker and easier access to more Royal Mail products and services.

– An improved professional image will be presented to your customers, adding value to the mail.

– Accurate postage calculations and costs.

– Access to further postage discounts.

– Eliminate the risk of Royal Mail surcharge payments.

– Simpler tariff rate updates.

Franking Machines

There is no immediate pressure for UK businesses to make the switch to Mailmark franking as the older non-Mailmark machines can still be used to send mail. Some businesses may simply not send enough mail to benefit from the technology. However Mailcoms advice that you make the switch so you can benefit from the latest features. View our range of franking machines here and receive a franking machine quote today.

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