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Addressing & Packaging Your Mail Correctly – Guide By Mailcoms

Guide on How To Address & Package Your Mail Correctly

Everyday The Royal Mail collect post and deliver post across the UK. Whether it is in the form of a Letter or a parcel, the Royal Mail delivers post to it’s correct destination, Monday to Saturday, six times a week. However, not everyone knows how to address their post and package it correctly so it is not damaged or lost during delivery. Therefore Mailcoms and The Royal Mail are here to help you with addressing and delivering your mail.

How to Address mail Correctly

When addressing mail, it is very important you write things out correctly and clearly so that the mail can get to its destination easily. When writing the address, there are a couple of things that you need to remember.

  • Write ALL of the address out
  • Use the correct postage (Click Here to view a guide)
  • Write the correct postcode
  • Include a return address – this is so that if your post is lost, it can be returned back to you.
  • Write the address clearly
  • Use white address labels if your envelopes are dark

Correct Packaging

When sending a parcel, it is important to make sure that it is packaged correctly. This is so that damage is limited and cannot occur to your parcel. When packaging up parcels and any other types of mail, there are a couple of things that you need to remember.

  • Make sure that items that are considered fragile are wrapped up in soft and cushioning materiel. For example bubble wrap or polystyrene are good materials to use.
  • Any item that you consider to be fragile must be marked as fragile so it is dealt with cautiously. This will help reduce the chance of damage.
  • Make sure that the correct address and postcode is on your post and that it is clearly seen. For help to find the correct postcode, use this guide: Royal Mail Postcode help
  • Clearly write the correct address for both the sender and retriever of the mail.
  • Calculate the correct postage by either using a franking machine, taking it to a local Post Office or by using the Royal Mail Price Guide. For a list of prices for postage rates, Click Here

Also Remember!

When sending mail, it is important to remember that there are restrictions. These restrictions stop you from sending certain mail pieces and can affect the price you pay to send mail. These Restrictions include:

  • The size and weight of mail can affect the price paid. Also if items are too big, the Royal Mail can refuse to deliver the item. Click here for a rate guide.
  • When sending mail to another country, you are prohibited from sending certain items. Click Here for a Guide to what you cannot send abroad.
  • Some mail items cannot be sent with the Royal Mail as they are restricted. Please Click here for a Guide of what you cannot prohibited to send with the Royal Mail.
  • If you are sending mail that you consider to be valuable, urgent or need tracking, then you must ensure that the correct service is always chosen for you mail.

The Postcode

The most important thing to put on a piece of mail is the postcode. This is because the postcode is The Royal Mails way of understanding where your post needs to go. Without it, your mail will not be sent. If you accidentally write the incorrect postcode, your post can get lost and sent to the wrong address, therefore you should use the Royal Mail postcode guide: Click Here for Postcode Guide.

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