7 Facts About Franking Machines That You Didn’t Know!

Whether you are a regular franking machine user or completely new to the industry, there is a lot of information and facts about franking and franking machines that you need to know before making the important decision to use a franking machine. And let’s face it, all this information can become boring. So Mailcoms are here to make things more interesting. Here are 7 facts about franking machines that you probably didn’t know!

7 Facts About Franking Machines That You Didn't Know

7 Interesting Facts

1. The first ever franking machine was invented by Engle Frankmussler (which translates to Edward Franks), a Norwegian inventor.

2. 1922 was the year that franking machines were first ever sold commercially in the UK.

3. The word €œFranking€ comes from the word €œFrancus€, which translates as free in Latin.

4. Before the franking machine industry turned digital, businesses would have to take the entire franking machine to the Post Office to send mail via a frank.

5. Only four licensed franking machine manufacturers exist in the UK – Pitney Bowes, Neopost, FP Mailing & Frama.

6. In Italy, mail could be sent Free of Charge by the President. This was until 1999 when this €œFranking Privilege€ was abolished.

7. If you wish to use a franking machine, you MUST have a license.

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