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Where Can I Post Franked Mail? – Guide By Mailcoms

Where Can I Post Franked Mail?

One frequently asked questions asked from our customers who own or are enquiring about a franking machine is Where Can I Post Franked Mail? Here at Mailcoms, we wish to help answer this question for you via this blog.

Metered Posting Envelopes

If you are currently using a franking machine, you should note that you cannot place your franking mail items into a standard post box, if you do your mail can be delayed. The only way that you can send franking mail by using a standard post box is if you use Royal Mail Approved Metered Posting Envelopes.

You can place up to 30 franked mail items into a metered posting envelope, being very convenient. The envelope used must have your serial / meter number written on. If you wish to purchase some low cost metered envelopes, then view our entire range of Royal Mail Approved Meter Posting Envelopes here.

Business Posting Box

You can also place your franked mail directly into a Business Posting Box. If you wish to locate your nearest business box, then get in touch with Royal Mail and they will inform you of the nearest business posting box.

Local Offices

An alternative way of sending franked mail is by dropping off your franked mail at your local Post Office, Enquiry Office or Mail Centre.

By following our guide, your business will always ensure that your mail arrives safely and on time. If you would like any further assistance on this topic, then we suggest contacting the Royal Mail or your franking machine supplier.

Franking Machine Quote

If you wish to use a franking machine and benefit from all of its benefits including the lower franking prices, then receive a low cost Franking Machine Quote or Mailmark Franking Machine Quote here.

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